Aritist start watermarking your art!

Due to an upsetting issue to a friend of mine here on tumblr, I just wanted to put this out there. Artist please start watermarking your art. Not only does it protect your work and good name, but also makes people less likely to steal or repost your work. In all honesty it does not matter how good or bad your personally think your art is, there is always someone out there who will think your work is a masterpiece. Now granted, art thieves are still going to go out of their way to steal your work if they think they can get away with it. However by watermarking your art; it is easier for others to obviously identify and report it. My friend who this happened to also had her work posted on all places “Zerochan.” As I went through zerochan, I noticed a lot of the stolen work that is posted there do not have watermarks. A lot of artist sign their works in small signatures in the corners or their piece or whatnot; for the idea of not wanting to ruin the composition of their pieces, however signing your work is not enough anymore. 

Artist please, and especially some of my followers who read this, start watermarking your shit!

  1. white-vector said: And isn’t that too much work for idiot-reposters? I think the most important thing is not to watermark the whole thing, but doing it so other people can still recognize you drew that ?
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